Hello and welcome soldier to Azelphur Gaming!

Its been a while since we have posted here, sorry about that :(
So, before reading this you might have noticed that we have updated the style of our website. Halloween is just around the corner so its time to make some scary faces in pumpkins. I originally re-themed the site to prepare for Halloween however, we all seem to love this new look and will likely keep it (minus the spooky parts) after Halloween has passed. Additionally, while implementing the new style I also fixed a few issues we had, such as adding proper styling for page links and various style issues that occurred on mobiles. Feel free to give us your thoughts in the comments and remember to post any issues on the forum thread.

So while you're here, why not introduce yourself to our amazing community or even show us your setup on our hardware forum.
Additionally, you could talk to us with our live chat.

On the subject of Halloween, we are really excited to see what Valve have in store for us for TF2. In the past we've seen some really amazing events with the inclusion of tones on new items and new maps. When the event does come around we will hope to have event servers up again for you guys & girls to play, but while we wait for that why not discuss what you hope to see this year on our forum.