Good evening, mentlegen.
We hope you're all doing well!

If you read our previous post over new year, you may have known that we were working on a new website to update our previous, somewhat out-dated one.

Well soldier, I can confirm to you that on this day, we have done it! The new, well improved site is live for all!!!

We have put a lot of work into it over the last few months and the new site includes: a much nicer & cleaner overall look, a much improved donation system, server rules, an improved forum and more!
All user accounts and content from our previous site have been ported over to this one, so you can sign in with your previous account details! If you're interested in the technical side, the whole website is completely open source! You can check out the source on GitHub.

Come and Introduce yourself and even post your rig.
Or, just have a general chat on our forum.

* Important - Premium Users

Along with the website, we have improved our donation system. When you donate now, you sign in through Steam so we know who to give the premium to, this is much easier than before. However, if you currently have premium, you will need to ensure you have an account on our website and that you have associated it with Steam. (You can either sign up with Steam or go to your Profile -> Settings -> Social Auth, and sign in there. Once you have done this, please contact Azelphur on Steam and your premium can be applied to your account.

If you notice any issues, please let us know here.