Howdy parter!

Since Valve have now enabled all past Halloween event maps, we have created 3 creepy, haunted event server containing 5 of the best Halloween event maps, including: Helltower, Mann Manor, LakeSide (Ghost Town), Eyeaduct & Harvest! Connect here: 
24/7 Mann Manor:

In addition to this, in the spirit of Halloween I have created a new Fortwars map, styled similar to Mann Manor called "fw_mannor". You can vote for/play it now at: !

So, why are you still reading this when you could be amongst the undead on TF2? Oh, and spells are enabled for every map on the event servers! The event server is on: + ! (Remember to include the port number). You can connect by click the "Event" link in the servers sidebar, adding that address to your favourites or typing the following into your TF2 console: "connect"