So little ducklings, it's that time of year again when everyone goes nuts for a bit of shiny decor and trees?! And don't forget the mad rush for gift buying.

So, we thought we'd do something special for all you guy's and girl's that love spending time with us. We bought you all a real life train... 

That last bit might have been a little tiny lie. You're not getting a train. However, we are giving you the opportunity to win some other cool things! For example, keys, hats and premium membership with us. 

'But, how do I possibly get these things' I hear you ask. Well duckie, i'll tell you!
We are hosting a Christmas & new year giveaway, just for YOU! It'll run until the 1/1/2015.
Its stupidly simple to enter, just visit the giveaway page below, sign in and enter your email address (so we can notify you if you win). That's it!

If you're still reading this, why? Go and enter numbnuts, it's free! 

Giveaway page: 

Good luck people, merry Christmas and happy new year!