Today is a good day, Private Twinkletoes! It's time for a new weapon! I mean, year! (Wink wink Valve). We hope y'all got along and had good times this holiday season and we want to wish each and every one of you numbnuts a happy New Year!

Now, enough of the TF2 references, let's look at what we've being doing this year and what we hope to do in 2016!

Unfortunately, in 2015 it may not seem like we did a whole lot However, we have been working on some improvements which we hope to implement in 2016!

Open-source servers (coming soon™)
We are working towards making our game servers "open-source" and easier to deploy/maintain. This means that all our server file, plugins etc (with the exception of a couple of sensitive files) would be publicly available, this means that anyone would be able to assist us with updating plugins etc and also provide the opportunity for others to learn how the servers work and how plugins are written etc. On top of this, it gives us the opportunity to update and reconfigure all our TF2 servers to hopefully get them running smooth and stable! It could also open up an opportunity for new servers, perhaps? We may have also been working on a new Premium plugin that will provide several awesome new features! However, we currently have no ETA on when this will be complete and implemented, but it is coming (valve time)!

New website (coming soon)
Whilst our TF2 servers are doing really well and seem pretty popular (thanks to you awesome people!), our website and forums however, haven't been doing too well. If any of you have used it since we implemented last year, you may have noticed it's broken in a couple of places and looks, to be honest, a bit poor in others too. But, early in 2016 that should change! I have begun work on a new template for which is coming along nicely. You special soldiers can get a sneak peek of what's to come here. Meanwhile, Azelphur is also working hard on the site's back-end to bring that back up to scratch! So, it shouldn't too long before it lands.

Switch to SSL (here now)
Thanks to Alex & Azelphur, we've switched to full SSL encryption for our sites including, and our MOTD pages which you view in-game (like rules etc).

Improved MOTD pages (here now)
Between us, we have also updated our MOTD pages for a slightly better experience, including a HTML5 radio player (no flash required now!), in-game donation page, staff list etc! These are accessed by typing !motd, !rules or !donate whilst playing on any of our TF2 servers.

Thank you all for being such awesome people and supporting us through 2015!
Here's to a great 2016!

Now, back to work!