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Please Stop The Use Of Surf_Pox

Summary Points (For Those Who Don't Want to Read):

Surf_Pox adds one particle effect for each time you finish the map
After you get an added particle effect, you respawn back at the end
People abuse this and gain +100 particle effects (i.e. downtown)
This lags or crashes anyone who looks at the particles
Eventually, no one can join the server or surf without crashing
Please get rid of the particle effects or get rid of Surf_Pox


With surf pox, it's cancer to your computer. The players Meme Cheese, downtown, and M73 continue to get particle effects and then enter the spawn, crashing every player who looks at them. This not only kicks you out of the server, but also stops TF2 entirely! Eventually, you won't be able to even join the server. I have crashed over 5 times, just trying to surf. I have even been accused by M73 and downtown of causing the problem by “ddosing”, even though I'm trying to avoid the crashing. I do realize this is not against the rules, and I expect no punishment to be put upon the people who wrongly.
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