• How do I become an admin?

    Simply put: Be active, involved, and friendly.
    We're always on the lookout for players who spend a fair amount of time on the servers and cares about the experience of others. There are a few crucial points we look for:

    • Filing reports to get an admin involved in instances where rules are being broken.
    • Be active on the servers, IRC, and forums.
    • Be MATURE. Age doesn't matter, maturity does.
    If you are active on IRC and the servers for a long enough time, we will notice and ask you. We do try to make any major changes public and open them up for feedback and suggestions, so if you hang out on the forums and IRC, you can help influence the direction the servers go.

  • Why do we only allow voice chat in English?

    The vast majority of players on our servers speak English as their first language, and an even larger majority of players are able to communicate in English fluently. It is unfair to those who are not multilingual to be subjected to foreign language speech and text, since it interferes with the immersive factor of the game.

  • Why do we allow camping?
    • Valve specifically designed the game to promote camping.
    • On our server, respawning is instantaneous, and a spawn camper will have to work hard to kill the same people over and over, while if he gets killed, he has to make his way across the entire map.
    • It's fun. Admit it, you've probably spawn camped at one point, and it was fun wasn't it?
    • It would be difficult to enforce. The definition of camping is subjective, and the second an admin comes in, the camper could easily stop.
  • Why do we allow button spamming?
    • Button spammers can be stopped fairly easily on most maps.
    • It is a challenge to be able to reach most buttons that can be destructive, and the buttons generally only affect those that are in jail, not in spawn.
    • If the button spammer is frustrating, one could surf to the end of the map and kill the him/her pretty easily, since their attention towards threats will probably be diminished.
  • My /report wasn't answered. Why?

    When you submit a report, it sends a message to all the admins. If nobody is around, the report will unfortunately go unanswered. On top of this, usually when we get a report (especially for aimbotters) we usually go in game with alternative accounts such as to not tip the cheater off that we are there.

  • Why don't you get more admins?

    We recruit anyone who meets the criteria mentioned in the How do I become an admin? section. Unfortunately there just aren't many people who would make good administrators, as most people don't fit our criteria.

  • Can I submit demos as evidence?

    Not right now. The reason behind this is that demos are EXTREMELY easy to fake, and thus we don't want to accept them as evidence.

  • Can premiums ban/mute players?

    Short answer, no. Premium players do not have any admin powers and are also not exempt from any server rules.

  • How to I use my reserved slot as a premium user?

    One of the benefits of being a premium member is the ability to join any of our servers even if they are already full!
    To take advantage of this, you first need to have the console enabled. If you do not, you can enable it by going to the keyboard settings in TF2, clicking 'Advanced' and ticking 'Enable developer console'. To access the console you simply press the 'Grave' button on your keyboard. This is the button below escape and above tab.

    To connect to a full server, open the console and type 'connect <server>.TF2.Azelphur.com'.
    For example:  connect surf.tf2.azelphur.com
    And thats it, you will connect to that server!