Donate / Premium

Hey, thanks for considering a donation to our community!
Running a large community with multiple servers isn't cheap, our monthly running cost is around $180. So your kind donations will be going towards the costs of our hardware and will enable us to keep growing our community and invest in future improvements!

When you donate, will we thank you by making you a premium member, which grants you instant access to the following awesome features on our TF2 servers!

Premium benefits
  • Reserved slot - There's always space for you!
  • Premium chat status - Let everyone know you support our community with full team coloured text when you talk!
  • Third person - Get a third person view!
  • Particle trails - Enable loads of sweet particle trails effects on yourself!
  • RTD buff - Get a 70% chance of a good RTD effect on RTD enabled servers!
  • ForceTheVote - Start a vote to change to a specific map of your choice on multi-map servers!
Get Premium for 7 days
Get Premium for 30 days
Get Premium for 90 days
Get Premium for 180 days

Donate with TF2 keys

Aren't able to donate with real money but still want access to these fantastic features? Well, you can now donate using TF2 keys! The process is automated and amazingly simply. Just add AzelBot on Steam, send it a trade request and add some keys! 1 key will get you a week, 3 keys a month and 5 keys 3 months.

* By donating to Azelphur Servers you are not paying for digital goods, we are offering these benefits as a thank you for your kind donation. Donations are non-refundable and do not give you immunity from any server rules.