Happy new year! / Thank you for 2013!

  by MonsterKiller

Everyone here at Azelphur Servers would like to wish you all a happy new year!

We would also love to thank every single one of you for helping us make 2013 an amazing year, in which you have supported us loads. We would not be where we are today without all of you guys & girls, so thank you. We all hope you have enjoyed the year as much as we have and we hope to make 2014 an even better one!

So thank you again from everyone at Azelphur Servers, and go enjoy yourselves!

Welcome to the new website!

  by Azelphur

Hi folks. It's long been requested that we have a forum, and a better website. So here it is, brand new website with a forum, a new donation system so you can now donate easier than ever!

Let us know if you find any bugs. It's been in testing for a while now and everything seems to work. Have fun!

Halloween event servers are up!

  by Alex

A few hours ago I started our servers for this year's Halloween event, Scream Fortress 2013.

You can join them by connecting to Event.TF2.Azelphur.com on any of the following ports:

  1. 27016
  2. 27017
  3. 27018
  4. 27019
  5. 27020
  6. 27027
  7. 27029
  8. 27031
  9. 27033
  10. 27035

To do this, open the developer console and type "connect Event.TF2.Azelphur.com:" and then the port number.

The default port (27015) will not work because that's running our Trade server.

- Alex