Scheduled Downtime

  by Azelphur

Hi folks, we are going to have a bit of downtime either today or tomorrow.

The downtime will be between 10pm EDT on 5/2 and 10am EDT on 5/3, or between 10pm EDT on 5/3 and 10am EDT on 5/4, and last approximately 2 hours (but up to 12) this is due to our hosting provider needing to physically move our server to another data center.

As such, all services will be affected, the game servers, website, IRC and Mumble servers will all be down during this period.

Giveaway Winners + Happy new year!

  by MonsterKiller

We, at Azelphur servers, would like to wish all of you a very happy new year and hope you all had a wonderful 2016... or as good as you could expect. For those of you who pay attention, we have been running a giveaway over Christmas, you can read more here if you hadn't seen it already. However, we have now drawn the winners as below!

  • Fāroe has won: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
  • Dragoncraft has won: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
  • BSG_Adama has won: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
  • JoshYesThatJosh has won: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
  • Synicle has won: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
  • Birdabo has won: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
  • 8mobidik8 has won: Mann ...

HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY! - keys + premium - read for more info

  by MonsterKiller

Good evening, mentlegen!

It's that time of year again, so to get into the holiday spirit, we are hosting another Christmas giveaway where you can win a TF2 key or premium on our TF2 servers, theres 20 of each to give away!

This year we're doing it a little differently. To enter, all you need to do is play! Every day that you play on any of our servers, you gain an entry. You can come back on addition days to get more entries!

The entries will start very shortly after this goes out and will end on the 29th December! Winners will be drawn by the 3rd.

Read more about it here and let us know why ...

New website LIVE!

  by MonsterKiller

Good evening, mentlegen.
We hope you're all doing well!

If you read our previous post over new year, you may have known that we were working on a new website to update our previous, somewhat out-dated one.

Well soldier, I can confirm to you that on this day, we have done it! The new, well improved site is live for all!!!

We have put a lot of work into it over the last few months and the new site includes: a much nicer & cleaner overall look, a much improved donation system, server rules, an improved forum and more!
All user accounts and content from our previous site have been ported over to this one, so you can sign ...

Happy New Year! | What's to come in 2016?

  by MonsterKiller

Today is a good day, Private Twinkletoes! It's time for a new weapon! I mean, year! (Wink wink Valve). We hope y'all got along and had good times this holiday season and we want to wish each and every one of you numbnuts a happy New Year!

Now, enough of the TF2 references, let's look at what we've being doing this year and what we hope to do in 2016!

Unfortunately, in 2015 it may not seem like we did a whole lot However, we have been working on some improvements which we hope to implement in 2016!

Open-source servers (coming soon™)
We are working towards making our game servers "open-source" and easier to deploy/maintain ...